Non-Alcoholic Beverages: San Diego County Bar and Grill Restaurants

The seven bars that follow are a step ahead when it comes to creative, delicious, non-alcoholic beverages, making them our favorite spots this month. Home-made infusions, freshly squeezed juices and aromatic bitters have taken center stage in the growing field of alcohol-free cocktails, as interest in non-alcoholic drinks increases. Local bars and restaurants have taken notice and many now offer much more than Shirley Temples. Zero-proof spirits have also found their place behind the bar, opening up new possibilities for waiters and ensuring that those who are abstaining from alcohol, as well as those who are reducing their consumption, can still enjoy a night out. Whether you're sober, abstaining, pregnant, cutting down on alcohol for health reasons, or just taking part in “Dryanuary”, you should be able to go to the local bar in good company and enjoy a quality craft drink.

With so many exceptional bars and restaurants within walking distance of the field, it's no surprise that Petco Park allows baseball fans to leave and re-enter the stadium at any time and bring food inside. But the truth is that the city's cocktail scene and the talented bartenders who have helped build it are on par with the big names in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Bartenders can transform most of their signature cocktails and classes into non-alcoholic beverages prepared with Lyre's alcohol-free distilled liqueurs, which mimic the flavor profiles of common liqueurs and liqueurs. Fortunately, San Diego has been following the “alcohol-free cocktail” trend for some time now, and if a bar doesn't have an exclusive “alcohol-free” menu, most will be more than happy to cater to and appease their dry clientele. Many of their drinks are influenced by local fruits and exotic flavors, and bartenders can whip up a great non-alcoholic cocktail version of just about anything on the menu.

Whether you're looking for property, praise, or just fame and fortune, the restaurant, cocktail, and beer industries are largely dominated by men. Let the waiters know your preferences and they will prepare an alcohol-free cocktail with seasonal fruits and herbs tailored to you and the evening's tasting menu. But in San Diego there is a growing number of female teachers who take the food, beer, wine, and cocktail scene to another level. This is a great neighborhood bar that offers handcrafted cocktails, live music, indoor and outdoor games, and plenty of TV screens to watch your favorite teams. The Kismet hibiscus and soda bush is made with a slightly acidic, floral vinegar from the Kismet refinery based in San Diego combined with sparkling water and blue basil from the plot's own garden.

While it's home to one of San Diego's best natural wine collections, those looking for non-alcoholic beverages will be just as satisfied. With panoramic views of San Diego, Mister A's is an ideal spot for an elegant night out, and if that night doesn't include alcoholic beverages this bar is what you need. Starlite's cocktail menu is still one of the best in San Diego but there's something magical about the Starlite mule made with Rain vodka ginger beer lime and Angostura bitters served of course in an ice-cold copper mug. Explore SeaWorld's improved health and safety guidelines including covering your face disinfecting and more. Moniker General is known for being the most modern coffee shop in Liberty Station so it was no surprise that they transformed the space into a cocktail bar at night. If you're looking for a great place to enjoy some delicious non-alcoholic drinks while exploring San Diego County's bar scene then look no further than these seven bars.

From home-made infusions to zero-proof spirits to signature cocktails made with seasonal fruits and herbs these bars have something for everyone who wants to enjoy a night out without alcohol. Whether you're abstaining from alcohol or just cutting down on your consumption these bars offer creative options that will make you feel like you're not missing out on anything.

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