14 Best Restaurants in San Diego for Large Groups and Private Events

Are you looking for the perfect spot to host a large group or private event in San Diego? Whether it's a last-minute gathering or a special occasion, finding the best restaurants in San Diego for large groups and private meetings can be a challenge. But don't worry, we've done the legwork and put together 14 places with enough space for your group to have a good time. From tacos and margaritas to Hong Kong-style dim sum, here are the top restaurants in San Diego for large groups and private events. Puesto is an excellent choice for those looking to combine tacos and margaritas with a large group of friends. This five-star LGBTQ+ bar for women offers modern American comfort food and an impressive selection of beers from around the world.

With forty taps in the bar, you'll find special and Stone releases throughout the year, plus beers from other small breweries and an impressive list of bottled craft and specialty beers. Jasmine Seafood Restaurant is another great option for large groups. Here you can enjoy Hong Kong-style dim sum, sharing meatballs in small stainless steel steamers, bamboo baskets with snow-white roasted pork rolls, bowls covered with various noodles and stews, and square packs of stuffed rice wrapped in lotus leaves. Plus, they offer half a dozen cocktails, plus beer and wine by the glass. Mister A's is one of the best restaurants for private events in San Diego. With decades of experience organizing banquets, customizing menus, and serving large groups, Mister A's now features an expanded bar, raised rooftop patio seating, and original designs and decor.

The menu combines delicious bar bites, a good selection of tacos, and a couple of family-style meals for up to four people. Eating tacos and margaritas with a large group of friends is a rite of passage in San Diego. And during the day, you can sit outside in the spacious outdoor living room at Puesto and watch the planes descend to the runway at San Diego International Airport. So if you're looking for the best restaurants in San Diego for large groups and private meetings, these 14 places are sure to please.

Kathie Defalco
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