What Types of Entrees are Served at Bar and Grill Restaurants in San Diego County CA?

San Diego County, California is home to a variety of bar and grill restaurants that offer a wide selection of delicious entrees. From pizza by the slice to specialty sausages, wraps, and locally brewed draft beer, customers can find something to satisfy their cravings. Asian-inspired dishes, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers and chips, salads, children's meals, ice cream, frozen cocktails, and much more are also available. For a city of its size, San Diego has very few restaurants dedicated to offering local seafood and the abundance of the West Coast.

One of the few locations in the United States for this high-end hot pot restaurant that hails from Beijing, but specializes in Sichuan-style hot pots from the Chinese municipality of Chongqing, it's arguably the best place to eat stews in the city. Culinary Director Quinnton Austin's eponymous restaurant, the Q&A Restaurant & Oyster Bar, is part of The Brick Hotel in Oceanside. Its menu is based on his commitment to supporting local farmers and fishermen. Small plates and main courses to share include modern French touches such as Regiis Ova caviar served with avocado, Meyer lemon, dough and brick leaves or confit de canard on Parisian gnocchi with beurre blanc and banana vinegar.

San Diego's first absinthe bar and restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience in University Heights. Fresh versions of well-known dishes include duck pappardelle with light red wine sauce; fettuccine with pistachios and pesto; oxtail ravioli with creamy walnut sauce; and much more. The Q&A Restaurant & Oyster Bar is not the only culinary gem in San Diego County. The Brick Hotel's culinary director Anthony Wells is a semifinalist for the James Beard Awards and his restaurant offers homemade pasta dipped in sauces cooked over low heat as well as larger plates and a trio of calzones.

Japanese food is one of San Diego's strengths, and this modest Kearny Mesa place is an industry favorite that goes unnoticed. Located in the Lost Forest, the Treetops bistro offers takeaway meals with special sandwiches, salads, soups and a la carte options for children. All Wood Ranch restaurants are open on other holidays, and they offer a variety of entrees for customers to choose from. Served with two exclusive side dishes (or a premium side dish for +1.00 each), customers can find something to satisfy their cravings.

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