15 Essential Places to Eat Late at Night in San Diego

For many of us, some of our best memories are of having a late night dinner with friends. Whether it's a sober gathering or a wild night out, there's nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal at 2 in the morning. To help you make the most of your late night dining experiences in San Diego, CA, here are 15 essential places to eat.


is a Japanese restaurant that has been serving up authentic flavors since 2001. Located in the bustling North Park neighborhood, this eatery is owned and operated by Sam Morikizono and is well-known for its delicious dishes.

For a more upscale experience, head to Basic Urban Kitchen & Bar in downtown San Diego. This industrial-style restaurant and bar offers an array of craft cocktails and New Haven-style pizzas until 3 in the morning. Some of their most popular dishes include wonton soup and drunken noodles.


is one of the oldest cocktail lounges in San Diego and is renowned for its late-night dining scene. This retro restaurant serves breakfast 24 hours a day, as well as American-style lunches and dinners, hamburgers, dogs, sandwiches and exclusive dishes such as chicken pie and macaroni and cheese.


in the Gaslamp Quarter is an energetic establishment owned by two cousins who wanted to take the night to a whole new level.

Their eclectic menu includes snacks like duck fat fried potatoes, Philadelphia meatballs, and a juicy burger.


's nighttime menu offers snacks like duck fat fried potatoes, Philadelphia meatballs, and a delicious, juicy burger, plus a selection of wines, beers, and cocktails every Friday and Saturday night starting at 11 p.m.


, located at the corner of University Avenue and 31st Street, is another great spot for late night dining. Enjoy local draft beers, craft cocktails, and New Haven-style pizzas while relaxing in their elegant industrial environment. For those with a serious midnight appetite, San Diego has plenty of restaurants and late-night restaurants to choose from. From crackers with sauce to stick to the ribs pork and chicken chops, this emblematic restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to customers with magnificent decoration from the late 1940s and around the seats of the booths. So next time you're looking for something to eat after hours in San Diego County CA., you know where to go! With these 15 essential places for late night dining in San Diego, you can make sure your next late night out is one to remember.

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