Can Marijuana Enhance Psychic Readings?

psychic readingsWhile there have not been a large number of formal scientific studies on the psychic phenomena, there have been a number of anecdotal studies. Some of the most common ones are whether or not various mind-altering substances will affect a psychic reading. Things from cocaine to heroine, and of course, the most commonly used substance, marijuana.

Which brings up the question, does marijuana have any effect on psychic readings? It’s difficult to say, because every psychic does their readings in a slightly different way. Many people do what’s called a technical reading. This means they use a standard format of laying down the cards, and base their reading on well accepted meanings of each card. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this style of reading. In point of fact, it’s one of the oldest styles of readings that there is, and certainly the most scientific like reading there is.

However, marijuana would have little, if any effect on that kind of reading. If it did have any effect on that style of reading, it would be for the poorer. This is because one of the well-known effects of marijuana is that it makes people easily distracted. This means that trying to pay attention to the details of each card, what their meaning in each placement is, and what their meaning throughout history was would be more difficult. Thus, if you are a reader who uses the traditional, technical style of reading, using marijuana to enhance it would not be advisable.

However, there is another style of reader out there, called the intuition reader. People who do intuitive readings don’t necessarily rely on the specific placement of cards or the traditional meanings of each card. Instead, they base their readings off of how the cards make them feel about any particular thing. This is usually done with oracle cards, but sometimes it’s done with other reading devices such as runes, rocks, or anything else the reader feels they have an intuitive connection with.

If you’re doing more intuitive readings, marijuana can be quite helpful! This is because marijuana helps you break past the concerns that you might be wrong, or worries about what you’re saying. With the fact that marijuana helps cut through the various things that might hold back an intuitive reading, it can be a huge boon. Of course, it’s important to make sure you don’t smoke too much. Smoking too much could lead you to becoming too lethargic to really give a proper reading. Get weed vape accessories here:

Ultimately, the only person who knows how drugs will affect them is the person who’s taking them. You’ll have to do your own experiments to see what, if any, mind altering substances help enhance your reading ability. But if you find a drug that does help, there’s no reason not to use it. After all, you’re the psychic. It’s your job to give readings, and it’s your job to know what will give your clients the best readings you can possibly give them. Get the best portable marijuana vaporizer reviews from Pack n Stash Vape Reviews.